Fixing Wellington Bus Network

Here is where most proposals go in order to help take the good of the old and good of the new bus network and put it together

Opening Greater Wellington to more Transparency

My call for transparency is to have all council and committee meetings to be live streamed.

Questions and Answer

Questions that you have asked and my answers to those questions

My Fare Plan

  • Introduce the monthly pass for total mobility users at $75 per month
  • Bring in a 50% discount for all Tertiary Student 
  • Introduce the Monthly $150 to the Johnsonville Train Line
  • Introduce $75 monthly pass to all Tertiary Student 
  • Introduce a semester pass for Tertiary Students
  • Introduce a monthly for child fare at $75 per month
  • Have more ticket agents out there for users to buy ticket
  • Introduce off peak tickets available from Ticket Agents 
  • Have more snapper agents in the community

My Rail Plan

My plan for Light Rail, and Heavy Rail

My Power Plan

My power plan to bring more homes in Wellington with Renewable Energy, my plan to bring Wellington Electricity in Public Ownership, and how to generate electricity

My Water Plan

My water plan to improve resilience, reduce environmental impact and reduce rubbish getting into our waterways