A bit about Sam


I am a 28 year old Wellingtonian who has had a passion for making change in the right direction and not repeat bad steps in History. I grew up on the Kapiti coast with a big passion of catching the train since I was a kid, including many rides in the cab. I did 5 years of secondary education at Paraparaumu College, during that period I did all 3 stages of my drivers license. I also joined the Kapiti Miniature Railway where I got to live my passion of driving a train around, in that case in a 7 1/4 inch gauge. I also voted in every election I been eligible for since I was 18 including the 2008 General Election. I also had minor political ambition including a conversation with my then Boss of BP Levin, Hayden saying that he would expect me to either stand at the next election. That year I moved to Wellington for a New Start, and was fired up about the attempt to replace WCC and GW with a Supercity council like the so called successful Auckland Council. I attended many public meetings, including meeting the now late Penny Bright, who showed us that Auckland Council has become less transparent since the merger and became very wasteful with Ratepayers Money. After learning what each council were responsible for, I realized that GW was the one for me


In 2016 I stood for the first time with the aim to stop the destruction of the now removed Trolley Bus Network, along with bringing in the light rail to Wellington. I wasn’t successful then but made many good friends and contacts as a result, and over those 3 years worked on ways to make my business adapt to seeing more people. I been weekly doing Newtown Market on Saturday and Johnsonville Market on Sunday. I also joined Newtown Residents Association and became the youngest executive member in 2017. I am also standing on some of my policies from 2016, like my renewable energy scheme and 50% of student fares but also expand my monthly passes to total mobility users.


Donations are welcome but will be declared – Bank Account Number 02-0733-0019841-004 – S Somers