Here is my plan to fix the buses – phase 1

Whats working well in the network

  • Free Fare Transfer within 30 minutes
  • 25% discount for off-peak fares
  • 25% discount for Tertiary Students
  • 50% discount for Mobility users
  • Johnsonvile/Newlands user can be part of $150 monthly pass
  • My Bus now operates 7 days a week
  • Johnsonville Users can proceed beyond Courtney Place

What isn’t working Well

  • The buses don’t turn up on time
  • The Buses are over crowded
  • My bus doesn’t go to the CBD anymore
  • My bus doesn’t go past the Hospital
  • My Bus doesn’t go via the railway station
  • I can’t buy a monthly pass for Student/Mobility pass

What I want to change to the network to make it work better for users currently using the bus network

My first plan is to reconnect Strathmore Park and Northland to both the CBD and the Hospital

Currently there is a outcry from both Suburbs who under the old network were connected to the CBD and the Hospital with both suburbs now are cut off. From the original consultation talking with the Strathmore residents were they wanted to get to the CBD quicker but when the new network came into play, there were a lot of people not having efficient access to Newtown aswell, and transferring isn’t working properly for them particularly after 7pm.


The 43 and 44 is to replace the existing number 12 daily services, but not to remove 12e services. I however do not want to remove the existing 22 services that are currently in action, and the 43/44 would be for the Northland/Mirangi end as supplementary to the existing service. (Long Term 13 might need less services since 43 and 13 travel along a similar thoroughfare).  The 44 will also establish a new connection to both Massey and Victoria University for both Northland/Mirangi and for the Strathmore Park Residents, along with a connection to Wellington High, something that not been done in the old Network but there is demand that would use this service over another CBD bound service. The 44 is also 10 minutes quicker to the Hospital than the old 22/23 prior to the network change.


My proposed services 43 and 44 would run hourly each way 7 days a week from 6am to 10pm, Monday to Friday, 7am to 10pm Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays (service starting before those times)

This new service will approximately cost ratepayers before subsidies and fare-box recovery $3.2 million p.a. but their will  be a saving of $1.1 million p.a saving from the removal of the existing number 12, with a net cost change of $2.1 million

northland strathmore 43-44

Reconnecting Miramar North

The have been many people who have complained that Miramar North has been disconnected with a direct service to the CBD with many requiring a transfer to make it work. Also along the 18 bus route is Marshall Court (WCC Housing) which is home to many people on low incomes and disabilities, who at the moment are 1 bus stop into the 18 bus route from the end of the line at Miramar Shops.


After looking at how to fix the issue, I have come to the conclusion it would be beneficial to have the number 2, doing a route split in Miramar Ave with half the buses going north to Mirmar Darlington Road, and Half South to Seatoun. I plan to bring in feeder services similar to the number 18, to go from Kilbirnie Hub to Miramar and another equivalent service doing Kilbirnie to Seatoun number route 11


I also want to keep the 18e service in place with an alternating 11e service to connect the residents of Seatoun to Newtown, the Hospital, Massey University, Wellington High and Victoria University

Karori Miramar 2-11-18
number 2 non route split

How I want the weekday 2 split to work –

Weekday   7am to 7pm                                                                 Weekends    7am to 7pm

Miramar Seatoun Miramar Seatoun
 2 11  2 11e
18e 2 18e 2
2 11 2 11e
18 2 18e 2
2 11e
18 2

For service starting after 7pm till the last service, every service will follow the number 2 unsplit covering both side, which reduces the number of buses on the road and the number of drivers required to fulfill the shift

Miramar Hub

This hub has been the bone of many contentious issues among many users so my plan to is make it as a place where users can transfer but not a place where multiple routes start and stop. I want to make the only all day bus route to stop and start at Miramar Hub, is bus route 24 and move all other routes, 18, and my proposed 11 to Kilbirnie hub where there are more connection options, and reduce 1 transfer from the system. 

miramar hub

Reconnecting Southgate to the CBD

Another Gripe and Grown of the new Network is Southgate being cut off from the CBD with the addition of having residents of the Rintoul Street Council Flats having a 350m walk to the bus stop where previously they had a bus stop right outside their house. As being a focus of mine to support those with Disabilities I will be putting through the amendment to the 29 bus route to take a diversion down Herald Street, Rintoul Street, then into Lavaud Street, before returning to Russell Tce.


My first motion upon election is for the Substainable Transport Committee to re-establish a connection to the Rintoul Street Council Housing, at a cost of $1.30 per bus journey to the ratepayer before subsidies and fare-box revenue.


My aim is to make the 29 have a hourly service to the CBD with half hourly to the existing stop, Hutchinson Road as present. and keeping the existing services journey levels in place. Cost to run this new 29/29e service would cost ratepayers $215,601 per annum (New Service costs $2,051,630 less cost of the existing service $1,836,021.00)

29 CBD Extension

Proposed Merger of the 23 and 17 into one Bus Route

23-17 merger

As a former Kingston Resident I felt it was brilliant to have a bus direct to Newtown but as finding out from Residents along the 7 said it would be more beneficial if it was extended all the way to Brooklyn Shop, and from the many people complaining about the 17 being to short, I thought it was time to have the 2 route merge. You also end up calling it a school bus route since it passes 4 primary schools and 1 intermediate school, with Kowhai Park being in Brooklyn Zone, but no bus service directly passing it, and how many parents drive their cars to Wellington South Intermediate every day. Combining the 2 bus routes would provide users better opportunities to travel between A and B plus it give Brooklyn Residents a real choice of CDB or Newtown for shopping without adding more buses to the network or needing the transfer from the 7 to the 23, just re positioning the existing resources into better positions.

This service level for the whole route will be based on the same service level as the 23, which has more services per day. Current service levels per day

M to F S/B M to F N/B Sat S/B Sat N/B Sun S/B Sun N/B
Route 17 28 28 28 26 13 12
Route 23 35 35 29 30 23 23

My New Proposed Service Level

M to F S/B M to F N/B Sat S/B Sat N/B Sun S/B Sun N/B
New Route 23 35 35 29 30 23 23

This will cost ratepayers before subsidies and fare-box revenue an extra $364,336 per annum (New service cost $1,769,971 less current service cost $$1,405,635)

Reconfigure Khandallah Services

Khandallah had a bit of a mixed back with service changes, with both positive and negative bus connection options. One of the biggest issues is being connected to Courtenay Place and the lost of the direct connection to the Hospital, I propose some minor changes to the network, to help improve the frequency for many parts of Khandallah.

  • Extending the 25 to cover Mandalay TCE and Homebush Road
  • Make Major changes to Route 26 and Extend it to Newtown Park via Courtenay Place
  • Make the 26 Hourly off peak route which is currently not on offer
  • Have the New 26 have route coverage of both the existing 26 aswell as 25 Ngaio Khandallah part, use a loop

New Service Level

M to F S/B M to F N/B  Sat S/B  Sat N/B  Sun S/B  Sun N/B
Route 24  30  22  16  16  14  14
Route 25  39  38  28  28  14  14
Route 26  14 14  14  14  14  14
Route 26

CBD Peak

10 9

This adjusted service will cost rate payers an Additional $907,605 per annum, (New Service Cost is $5,061,632 less current service at $4,154,027) before any subsidies and fare revenue


Karori West Connection

20-21 merger2

One of the changes made when the new network kicked in was the removal of the day shuttle bus from Karori West to the Shops, which effects many gold card users who used to use the route, and with the 21 ending at the Karori Mall, why not have Karori West added to the end of the service. I want to bring in a Hourly Service running on the end of the 21 so it would not impact on any driver resources.

Cost to ratepayers would be an additional $213,605 per annum. (New Service Costs $1,739,978 less current service costs $1,526,373)

Number 1 Peak Southbound Diversion


One of the issues with peak reliability of the number 1 is for it not to be caught up in traffic destined for the Hutt that can regular queues in the left lane up the Ngauranga Gorge, the same lane where the number 1 bus route needs to access the Hutt Road on it way to Wellington Railway Station. This can make the number 1 bus route which also continues on to Island less reliable making the rest of the route late. My solution here is to shift all service departing after 3:45pm till 6:00pm to reroute down the Motorway and come off at Murphy Street and Continue along the rest of the Number 1 Bus Route.


The existing route 52 service will continue along Hutt Road, since it destination point is Courtenay Place, not Island Bay.

1m diversion

Number 20/36 extension to Molesworth Street

20 Extension

I propose adding a small extension to the number 20 since many users says it dumps them at Courtenay Place, and doesn’t help them get to their destination, under the old network, number 14’s use to do Courtenay Place to Molesworth Street, so adding this part to the 20 will bring a working part of the old network. while providing a slightly extended service on to the end of the number 20.


I also propose extending the 36 to have it finishing point being Molesworth Street, and a Starting point of either in May Street or Murphy Street. This can help take some of the pressure off the 14 and the number 3 during peak times.



More Bus lanes at more times to better suite the New Network

One of the issues is with the new bus network is having the old networks bus lanes, which aren’t always fit for purpose. So my change working on conjunction with Wellington City Council

  • Turn Kent Terrace and Cambridge Terrace Bus lanes into a morning/afternoon peak system
  • Turn Adelaide Road Bus Lane into the same as Kent/Cambridge Tce
    • Have operating times from 630am to 930am then again from 3pm to 7pm
  • Turn Golden Mile into a Bus/Taxi/Cyclist/Good Service Vehicles during the Day
    • 7am to 7pm, 7 days a week.
  • Turn Courtney into Bus/Taxi/Cyclist/Good Service Vehicles  only during peaks times and on Friday/Saturday Evening to improve Pedestrian Safety
    • 630am to 930am Monday to Friday
    • 300pm to 700pm Monday to Thursday
    • 300pm to Midnight Friday and Saturday
  • Add a third lane for Buses between Cobham Drive and Troy Street SH1 Designated 24/7
  • Have Troy Street, Rongotai Road into a Morning AM bus lane to improve Bus Services from the Eastern Suburbs to Kilbirnie Hub in AM peak (parking relocated to the center of Rongotai Road
  • Turn Thorndon Quay, into AM Bus Lane for the morning,
bus lane

Stage 2

Fixing Johnsonville, Churton Park and Grenada Village

Re-configuring the number 1 Split

One of things mentioned about the split is that if you are on one of those splits and the bus is cancelled, then you have to wait 30 minutes during the week and up to a hour on the weekend, 1 hour. Also during peak theirs very little room for additional capacity.

My way to fix it with reducing the 1 Split from 3 to 2, Churton Park and Grenada Village. Extend the Number 7 to Johnsonville West. I would also go to adding peak express service when new bus stock arrives with the second and third round of Electric Double Deckers. The 54x will start at Newtown Park and Continue to Melksham Drive, the 55x will also start at Newtown Park and Continue through Grenada Drive, with both routes non-stop operations between Molesworth/Murphy Street and Johnsonville Road.