Being Open and Transparent with all council meeting

One of the philosophy I follow is about being open and transparent on all council decision making, My first aim is to get the equipment in place to get all council meetings to be live streamed on the councils website, on YouTube and on other social media platforms that councilors use, There will be a log of where videos are stored for future use so member of the public can watch at their own time, similar to Parliament TV. Also for all council meetings that aren’t open door, for those meetings to have all votes publicly recorded and why the councilors came to that decision.

council meeting

My 5 Values that I am Standing on


1. Transparency

Meaning  , I will be open with all information concerning council decisions that you have the right to know.


2. Consultation

Meaning, I will not engage in any meaningless “consultation’ where the decision has already been made.


3. Collaboration

Meaning, I will seek genuine involvement of all interested parties in order to gain the best outcomes.


4. Accountability 

Meaning, I will own the decision I make and if it’s wrong will work to correct.


5. Responsibility 

Meaning, I will not seek to blame others for the decision and choices I made.