My Fare Plan

Bring Snapper onto the Johnsonville Line

Currently the Johnsonville doesn’t have a bus/train pass option since its in Zone 3 and it also has concurrent bus services running in different areas, like Khandallah and Johnsonville. My aim is to bring the Johnsonville Line into the snapper system using a stepping stone system, where there will be snapper terminals on the platform that print out a paper ticket, and give you a 1 hour transfer window once you purchase your ticket. This will also help user who train have the ability to transfer to bus free of charge one arriving in the CBD, along with the ability to travel further afield. This will also give train users the option of getting off peak fares that is only on offer on snapper available on the Buses at the Moment. 


Introduce a $75 monthly pass for Total Mobility Users

Full fare paying passengers currently have the privilege of the $150 monthly pass for Buses, but not for those who are users of Total Mobility. Which means I want to introduce it. 

  • Introducing a $75 monthly pass for those on Total Mobility
  • $75 monthly pass for child fare passenger like school kids and secondary students
  • Introduce $75 monthly pass for Tertiary Students

All to be usable between Zone 1 and Zone 3 for unlimited monthly travel. 


Also introduce for those users from Zone 4 beyond, to have the child monthly and monthly plus pass, to have a student and accessibility equivalent available for those users until PROJECT NEXT is completed. 

Bring in More Snapper Agents

My goal is to have a snapper agent within 1 Kilometer of a 7 day a week bus route, per bus zone. (Where practical) 


I would even go to subsidize business for 1 year to have snapper in their store if they are in a snapper topup free area, like what Strathmore used to be

(cost would be $150 for 1 year)


Bring more Train Ticket Agents

One of the downside especially on weekends is the lack of locations that you can buy a train ticket, so my goal will be to have more ticket agents near railway stations so user can buy and pay for those tickets using Electronic means like EFTPOS